What tests do
I need to take?!

SAT? ACT? SSAT? There are many tests offered or required for admissions to various schools and programs. Knowing which tests to take, as well as when and how many times to take them, can increase your chances of reaching your goal.
  • "My tutor has been awesome! I’m definitely making progress working with him and am excited to see where it takes me. He’s making math enjoyable, which I didn’t know was possible."

    — Riley, GMAT student

  • "I’d like to thank everyone else at Pinnacle for all your help. I know that without everything that you did for me I would not have been able to qualify for this amazing program."

    — Eddie, NYU Stern

  • "My tutor helped so much, she was absolutely superb. The prepping was useful not only for the SSAT but I have found it to be very helpful in my other related subjects. For example, I was taking a science test, and I had to define a few words. I had no idea what the specifics of “Oxidative Phosphorylation ” were. However, I pulled out my SSAT skills and broke the word down and got the question right. All of her knowledge was enormously helpful. She was incredible."

    — Jack, Andover, Harvard

  • "Thank you again so much for helping me improve my scores on the SSAT. My tutor made the two-hour tutoring process every Sunday more fun each session and I truly enjoyed working with her. "

    — Channing, Hopkins School

Colleges use SAT, ACT, and AP scores in admissions decisions to help assess a student’s capacity for college-level work. The SAT and ACT are offered several times throughout the year. Many students take more than one test to achieve their best possible score. We will help you figure out which tests to take — and when to take them.
Depending on the programs you’re interested in, graduate schools require the GRE or specialized tests like the GMAT, LSAT and MCAT. Our expert tutors can help you prepare for the tests you need.

Many selective middle and high schools require the SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, or other tests. We not only help students improve the skills and techniques they need to do their best on these tests, but we will strategize with you to determine when to take them and how many to take.

Recent Students had a 28 point average percentile increase on the ISEE

Pinnacle Prep tutors are not only experts in test prep, they also are exceptional scholars! Our versatile tutors can help students with just about any subject, from middle school science or high school math to highly specialized subjects, such as Latin or organic chemistry.  We have also helped many students over the years improve their general organizational habits to become more efficient and effective in their studies.