Score Improvement

Pinnacle Prep is proud to be an industry leader in student performance! Here are some highlights from our students:

Class of 2018 Pinnacle Prep students:

  • Our students averaged improvements of 126 points per section on the SAT, 7 points per section on the ACT!
  • 86% of our students improved by 100+ points on at least one SAT section, 5+ points on at least one ACT section!
  • 79% of our students improved by 200+ total points on the SAT, 5+ composite points on the ACT!

Over the last 5 years:

  • Pinnacle Prep students have improved by an average of 123 points per SAT section!
  • 88% of our students have improved by 100+ points on at least one SAT section, 5+ points on at least one ACT section!

These statistics are drawn from both SATs and ACTs. Scores have been converted to the 1600-point SAT scale for ease of comparison. The statistics are compiled from Pinnacle Prep students over recent years (those who did their homework regularly, had a minimum of 20 hours of tutoring, reasonably followed our recommended test plan, and started with a baseline ≤750 per section) and are calculated by comparing the scores from their baselines (the most recent official test that students took prior to working with Pinnacle Prep) to scores from the last official tests they took after working with us.

For a recent class of ISEE and SSAT students at a private elementary school in Manhattan, the score improvements were as follows:

Average change in percentile rank: ISEE

• Verbal Reasoning: +30 percentile points, 1.9 stanines
• Reading Comprehension: +30 percentile points, 2.2 stanines
• Quantitative Reasoning: +16 percentile points, 1.4 stanines
• Mathematics Achievement: +29 percentile points, 1.9 stanines

Average change in percentile rank: SSAT

• Verbal: +17 percentile points
• Quantitative: +22 percentile points
• Reading: +9 percentile points
• Total: +19 percentile points

Our results have been comparable on all tests, including the SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, and graduate school and high school entrance exams such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, SSAT, ISEE, and SHSAT.

How much tutoring should I do?

One of the first trends we noticed with our students was that the number of hours of tutoring correlated with performance. Pinnacle Prep students who receive 50 or more hours of tutoring improve by nearly 150 points per section on average on the 1600 SAT scale (8-9 points on the ACT). Here is a breakdown of performance by hours of tutoring:

Hours of Tutoring Average Increase
50+ 146 per section
40-50 133 per section
30-40 114 per section
20-30 105 per section

Some of our top performers, including numerous students who improved by 350 to 470 points on the 1600 scale, had over 60 hours of tutoring, but many of our top improvers did between 40 and 60 hours.

Please remember that every student is different, and some students take longer to reach their goals, so never give up! With practice, we never stop learning and improving.


As mentioned above, every student is unique, so we arrange an initial session to introduce basic concepts and see how the student responds. From that initial session, we are able to construct a test plan (which tests to take and when) that makes sense for the student, as well as a preparation plan that will not interfere with academics or extracurriculars. In that first session we also gain a sense of the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality, which helps us match him or her with a tutor who will be a good fit. We typically recommend programs in the 40-60 hour range, starting prior to the PSAT and carrying students through the ACT, SAT, and Subject Tests.