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Since 2004, Pinnacle Prep has partnered with many local schools to provide free or low-cost test prep to students who would otherwise be unable to afford tutoring.

If your school is interested in participating in our outreach programs, please call our office at 800-665-PREP to discuss the options.

One of our most successful outreach programs has been in place at Frederick Douglass Academy, a public high school in East Harlem, for many years. We work with juniors and seniors to help them achieve the great scores they need to get into some of the most prestigious colleges and universities – recent graduates have gone on to attend Dartmouth, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and many others. Dr. Gregory Hodge, FDA Principal, summed up the collaboration:

Dear Pinnacle Prep,

The Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) in Harlem is very fortunate to have developed a partnership with Pinnacle Prep. Pinnacle Prep has generously provided individual and small group instruction to our students. The organization has treated FDA and its students as premium clients even though the services are provided at no charge to our school. Pinnacle Prep has sent the most highly qualified and experienced instructors to work with our students, which has resulted in incredible gains on all sections of the SAT . Mr. Gordon has been a strong advocate of providing access and opportunity to inner city students. He and his staff have conducted parent meetings in the evening to help our students and parents understand the importance of time management, study skills and college readiness. As the direct result of the outstanding instructional support our students have made tremendous gains on their SAT examinations.

Most of the students that they have worked with over the past 4 years have had gains of over 300 points and more importantly have been accepted to fine institutions such as Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn, and Carnegie Mellon, just to name a few.

If it were not for Mr. Gordon’s generosity and the exceptional instructors, our students would never have had the opportunity to be accepted to Ivy League and baby Ivy League institutions. One of the major strengths of the organization is its ability to work with the students at various times and they are very flexible as seniors usually have very demanding schedules.

The office personnel are very detail oriented and are quick to notify the school should the students arrive late and/or not complete their required assignments. Pinnacle Prep without a doubt can make a major difference in a student’s college preparation and more importantly assisting the student to get into the college of their choice. We are honored to have Pinnacle Prep as a partner and thank them for increasing our students’ opportunity for a bright academic future.

Dr. Gregory Hodge
Principal, Frederick Douglass Academy

Dear Parents,

It has been my pleasure to work with students from the Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) in East Harlem. Over the past few years I have offered college advising pro bono to help many FDA students navigate the college application and selection process. The FDA students are dynamic and ambitious and the school fosters a demanding academic environment for them to flourish. In the past four years students I have assisted have been accepted to many top schools, including MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Amherst, UPenn, Dartmouth, Williams, Georgetown and Vassar – quite a satisfying endeavor.

Many of these students were fortunate to receive tutoring (pro-bono) from Pinnacle Prep. I know Pinnacle Prep personally as well as professionally – they helped two of my sons prepare for the SATs both of whom had great results. Strong test scores are of course an important part of a college application, and the FDA students are fortunate to receive such a premium service.

I am proud to be associated with FDA and Pinnacle Prep, and I look forward to continuing to work together to help students succeed.

Sally Campbell