How long has Pinnacle Prep been around?

David Gordon, our CEO, founded Pinnacle Prep over 16 years ago. Since Pinnacle’s inception, David has relentlessly studied standardized tests and analyzed student performances, in constant pursuit of the optimal approach to these tests. Pinnacle Prep’s students have outperformed the industry standards, and their score gains continue to rise.

How many tutors do you have?

We currently have approximately 40 dynamic tutors, each of whom has terrific qualifications, has successfully completed our extensive training program, and stays in close touch with the office regarding his or her students’ progress and challenges.

How do you pick a tutor for my child?

In the beginning, David was our sole tutor, and when his students did well, he was fortunate to receive many kind referrals from happy parents and students. Within a year, his schedule was full, so he did what every other company does: he hired tutors to take on the students his own schedule could no longer accommodate. Rather than simply assigning tutors to students blindly, David soon found that students were better served if he or a manager did the first session with every new student. At that first session, the manager gets to know the student a little bit, gets a feel for the student’s strength and weaknesses, and also gets a sense of which of our tutors would make the best fit for that student.

How do you decide which tests to take?

After working with a student in the first session, the manager then sits down with the parents to customize a test plan. Our goal is to construct the optimal test plan that will give the individual student the best possible chance to get the best possible score. It is important to take into consideration the student’s academic and extracurricular schedule, as well as AP exams, the SAT, and the ACT. Ideally, we want to find a way to implement a successful plan with minimal distractions from our students’ often intensive academic demands. Of course, test planning is very individualized, so if you would like to discuss designing a customized test plan for your child, just give us a call (800-665-7737), and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.

What sort of ongoing support do you provide?

This is what our office staff is here for! Our Academic Advisors stay in close touch with both tutors and families in order to provide support and feedback on all sides. In addition, we are always available to talk with you or answer any questions that you might have.

Where do your sessions take place?

We come to your home! Sessions typically take place in students’ homes, but we will also come to a local library or school – wherever is most convenient for students.

What is your phone number?

800-665-PREP (7737).