We are incredibly selective when hiring tutors. Not only are they top graduates of leading universities, but they are also dynamic, interesting people with engaging personalities who relate well to teenagers. All tutors are thoroughly trained in Pinnacle Prep’s unique methods and techniques – proven to help students get higher scores. But perhaps most important of all, we go to great lengths to carefully match each student with the right tutor. A good match can make all the difference in motivating and inspiring students to do their very best.


We offer personalized, dedicated service. Each student’s test preparation plan is tailored specifically for him or her and sessions are scheduled at the student’s convenience. Our tutors meet with students one-on-one in the students’ homes. We use proprietary materials and methods that are proven to work. We provide regular feedback to parents and are always available to give updates and discuss progress.


Academic Advisors play an integral part in Pinnacle Prep’s success. Academic Advisors receive regular feedback from tutors, call parents to keep them updated, and collect feedback from parents and students. Academic Advisors are available to answer any questions students or parents may have. Whenever you have a question, you can speak to a trained professional, who will be able to give you answers.


Pinnacle Prep has developed exclusive, proprietary study materials for our students, including a 290-page Manual and a 170-page Workbook, which we use in addition to official tests published by the test makers. Our Manual contains an arsenal of techniques and approaches for all the questions students will encounter, and the Workbook contains a reading list, a vocabulary list (sorted by the frequency with which the words occur on tests!), math and grammar sample problems sorted by techniques, and essay prompts for practicing the daunting essay.

Through exhaustive research, we have identified the most important concepts and techniques for test-takers to master, and together with our tutors, our Manual and Workbook help students to master these key areas. When a student asks, “What is the most important technique to know in the math section?” or “How can I make the best use of my time in the reading section?” our materials provide a straightforward answer. Clear examples, step-by-step explanations, and guided practice problems provide a framework for understanding, and sample tests allow students to apply their skills in different ways.

Complimentary Mock Exams

Pinnacle Prep offers complimentary mock exams to our students in the fall and spring at convenient locations. Mock exams provide a simulated test-taking environment and are great for dry runs before the actual test. So many uncontrollable things, from outside sounds to proctor idiosyncrasies, can derail a student on test day, and mock exams are valuable tools to ensure that students are prepared for anything.

For the students taking these mock exams, the exam itself will count as their homework for that week, and students will review the test with their tutors in their next sessions.

Test Planning: What to take, and when?

ACT? SAT? ISEE? GRE? Many students and parents are overwhelmed by all the standardized tests out there. What are they all for? When should students take them? Call the Pinnacle Prep office to construct a detailed test plan specifically designed for you!

Students entering Middle School and High School
SSAT – Secondary School Admission Test (for many private and boarding schools)
ISEE – Independent School Entrance Exam (for most NYC private schools)
SHSAT – Specialized High School Admissions Test (for Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech)

High School Sophomores and Juniors
PSAT/NMSQT – Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
PreACT – Preliminary ACT

High School Juniors and Seniors
Subject Tests – Tests on subjects ranging from biology to literature, Spanish to U.S. history, math to Latin.

Applicants to Graduate School
GRE – Graduate Record Examination
LSAT – Law School Admission Test
MCAT – Medical College Admission Test
GMAT – Graduate Management Admissions Test

All Students
Academic Tutoring