Pinnacle Prep’s philosophy is guided by the notion that students perform optimally when paired with tutors who complement their particular needs and learning styles. All of our expert tutors are hand-selected for their dynamic and engaging personalities, in addition to their outstanding academic achievements and tutoring experience. At Pinnacle Prep, we are committed to getting to know our students and giving them the specific tools, confidence, and motivation they need to succeed on their tests and, often, in their academics, too.


The Pinnacle Prep method – proven to raise scores an average of 240 points per student (our record holder improved by 620 points!) – consists of three key components: recognizing indicators in problems, developing skills and techniques, and accumulating experience.

Recognizing Indicators

We have spent countless hours classifying and categorizing thousands of questions on actual tests. One of the most important things we have found is that there are signals in the questions that can lead students to the answer quickly. The ability to recognize these indicators allows students to bypass the “setting up” and “wondering” time and move right on to the “doing,” with maximum efficiency.

Developing Skills and Techniques

Students may be a little rusty with their fundamentals (arithmetic, vocabulary, grammar, and other areas), or they may have never grasped certain concepts completely when they first learned them in school. As an essential first step, we help students solidify the necessary fundamentals and skills, raising the ceiling of their potential score.

We have found that fundamentals are not enough. That is why we have also designed specific techniques for attacking the many different sections of the tests. These techniques provide students with maximum efficiency, help them to solve problems they otherwise could not, and instill them with confidence. Knowing what to expect and what to do when you see indicators for specific techniques are the keys to success.

Accumulating Experience

Nothing beats the tried-and-true method of “practice makes perfect.” Taking practice tests under test-day conditions gives students the experience and confidence they need to boost their scores. The Pinnacle Prep approach ensures a steady regimen of actual exams, including free mock exams administered in multiple locations across the tri-state area before major test dates. At Pinnacle Prep, we work tirelessly to provide students with the structure, focus, strategy and motivation to perform their best.